Godlike - The Good War

Godlike - Campaign Jam

Setting up

Originally posted on June 7 – Discusses group campaign and chargen discussion held in April)

After several months of trying to get a Godlike campaign going (stymied by the difficulty of arranging the schedules of 4 busy people), I am finally go ing to get to run a Godlike campaign, starting tomorrow!

The group and I spent some time discussing what we wanted to do. I was open to anything, but suggested playing Red Army troops on the Russian Front. The group wasn’t up for that but felt playing American troops would be easiest (or at least more familiar – I personally don’t need familiarity but I was going with the flow). The idea for this campaign was extremely interesting though!

We’re starting right on D-Day, and the characters are going in with the first wave at Omaha Beach. They are also all completely normal humans, not Talents. Yet. Once on the beach, every time they have to make a Mental Stability roll (which will be frequent), they will draw from a deck of cards. if it is a face card, they will manifest a Talent right there and then.

During chargen (which we did as a group), we discussed the characters’ backgrounds enough that some ideas for Talents were planted. I don’t know exactly what the players will come up with, but I’ve asked them to partially design their talent powers which will be detailed further in play.

Of course, they may not even make it off the landing craft, and I fully intend to be as ruthless as possible. To ameliorate the lethality of the game, each player has 3 characters (which I have distributed throughout their platoon), so I’m using the troop style of play.

Tomorrow’s session is going to be just the beach landings. Any characters that survive and have manifested as Talents are going to be quickly snapped up by the TOG Command and formed into ad hoc TOG units, and then sent off to counter German Ubermensch activity in the area.

Everyone is excited about the game. After our campaign discussion and chargen, we all watched Saving Private Ryan together. The players fully expect none of their characters to make it off the beach! But this is what we all want, and that’s how we’re going to play it. Should be a good start to a fun campaign!



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