Godlike - The Good War

Godlike - Session 1

Day of Days

(Originally posted June 9 – referring to the game played on June 8 – too bad we couldn’t have played on June 6!)

Wow! What a game! We played today – 1st Platoon B/116th Infantry hit the beach 1/2 a mile out of position in front of German WN 70. The assault ramp went down and…

Two PCs were dead in the first fusilade of machinegun fire! As the MG42 savaged the platoon, some soldiers staggered forward down the ramp into the frothing surf, others went over the side into ten feet of water. Three PCs went under and one was not to make it back to the surface. Of the two PCs that crawled onto the sand, one just sat there screaming in panic (and it was a miracle he wasn’t killed).

With about a third of the platoon now dead or out of action, leaderless and broken, it looked like the campaign was going to end right there. Sarge managed to make his own Mental Stability roll and then a Leadership roll and began moving the survivors forward. The distance between each line of obstacles and the only possible cover would take a base of 5 turns to cover (minus the Width of any successful Body + Running) So each turn the grunts humped across the sand, they were subject to German covering fire. More soldiers fell. By the time the platoon stumbled up to the seawall they had little more than a squad left.

Sarge managed to rally a few other stragglers and they set their sights on gaining the bluffs. Talents began manifesting. Each time a character failed a Mental Stability check the player drew a card and if it was a face card, their character’s talent was activated. For some, it came into play immediately. The medic ran back onto the beach to pick up another wounded PC, who was dying after a MG ripped up his leg. The medic dragged him into cover and then his Heal power manifested and he saved his buddy.

There was plenty more action as they fought their way up the bluffs and into the trenches at the top, encountering a spontaneous German ubermensch (I pinched the screaming coward NPC who could inflict the pain of his bad teeth on everyone) and a dyed in the wool Nazi flaming torch guy. Sarge, an ex-minor league pitcher, manifested his talent and began tossing grenades with unearthly accuracy and control (but only at a range equal to the distance between the pitcher’s mound and home plate). Finally after more terrible fighting and losses, they seized the WN70 bunker.

The final cost to 1st platoon was 19 casualties (dead and wounded) out of 36, and of the 9 PCs (3 per player) only 4 survived.

Man, it was awesome! We kept the pace up and the action was brisk. The tension as the characters struggled across the beach was unbelievable. There were moments of great heroism and base cowardice, brilliant application of talent powers, terrible carnage, shocking deaths. We all loved it!

So it’s off to a fine start!



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